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Our Terms

Payment Policy:

  • Open Account: NSPA extends credit to customers based on their good credit and NSPA's payment terms. A credit application and survey will need to be completed before an open account is established. NSPA's payment terms are 1% 10 net 30, this means the customer may take 30 days from the invoice date to pay NSPA before payment is overdue. If the customer chooses to pay within 10 days of the invoice date they may deduct 1% from the invoice amount for early payment.
  • Credit Card or COD (cash on delivery) status: When an open account cannot be established for a customer these alternative payment methods are often offered. NSPA accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard only.

    Credit Application/Survey (PDF)

Shipping Policy:

  • For Standard Catalog Products, we carry a 1:00 PM CST cutoff for receiving an order to ship same day. Orders received after 1:00 PM CST may be shipped the next business day.
    We do have a couple of exceptions due to extra processing time required:
    1. Standard Heat Shrink Tubing - ship next business day
    2. Large quantities of assortments - ship next business day
    3. Basic Custom-Packaged Product - generally two weeks (considerations such as new projects, large scale projects, or special order items may extend the lead time)
  • Backorders - Backordered items will automatically be cancelled if they are under $15 (except backordered assortment components) or unless otherwise directed by customer.
  • Minimum order - Standard stocked product - one package. For custom packaged or special orders - see quote

Freight Policy:

NSPA does NOT have a free freight policy. NSPA’s freight policy allows our “Prepaid and Add”† freight customers to deduct the freight from their invoices if the corresponding purchase order and the customer meets ALL of the criteria listed below. Additionally, it is the customer’s responsibility to deduct qualifying freight from their payment if they meet all of the criteria listed below. For customers who have mistakenly made freight payments in error, NSPA will offer a one-time grace period. NSPA will work with you to resolve the errors, but NSPA limits this look back period to six (6) months from written notification of the error. FOB (Free on Board) is determined by the carrier used and the customer’s freight instructions – generally speaking, NSPA uses our freight account for “Prepaid and Add”† orders. The terms are FOB Destination and the responsibility of the shipment transfers when our carrier delivers the shipment to the customer. However, if a customer has their own transportation and/or directs us to use their carrier or their freight collect shipping account then the terms are FOB Origin and the responsibility of that shipment changes when it leaves NSPA's shipping dock in Pensacola, Florida. (Note: All customer orders with freight collect instructions are not eligible to deduct freight because freight will not appear on their invoice.) NSPA tries to accommodate customer preferences for carriers when directed to do so. Otherwise, the freight carrier selection is made using NSPA's discretion.

Customers can deduct freight from invoice if ALL following criteria are met :

    1. Customer is on open account or customer pays the entire invoice with credit card on the date of shipment
    2. Order is $500 or more (excluding empty storage equipment) and freight is “Prepaid and Add”†
    3. Product is shipped within 48 contiguous states
    4. Product is shipped standard ground service (not expedited)
    5. Invoice is paid in full within our standard 30 day terms (if check is mailed, the postmark date is used,
      NOT check date)
    6. Hazardous Material (Hazmat) shipping fees charged by freight carriers are not deductible
      (at this time, the UPS Hazmat fee is $20.00 USD).

† “Prepaid and Add” means freight is prepaid on NSPA’s freight account but is added back to the customer’s invoice at invoicing.

Claims Policy:

  • Damage in transit:
    1. If freight is prepaid, NSPA will initiate a claim with the freight carrier. However, all damage must be noted on the BOL for NSPA to initiate a claim with the freight carrier.
    2. If freight collect, the customer will be responsible for filing a claim with their freight carrier
  • Order/Packaging/Shipment Discrepancies - Customer must notify NSPA within 15 days from delivery date.
    ***Please provide Lot# if applicable**

Returns Policy

  • Must have NSPA authorization prior to returning goods. However, authorization to return does not constitute acceptance of material nor credit approval; return is still subject to NSPA's review process, and may be rejected
  • Returns must include NSPA-provided RMA forms
  • While NSPA reserves the right to refuse material for any reason, possible reasons to refuse authorization or reject returns include the following:
    1. Goods not in original packaging
    2. Damaged goods or goods in poor condition
    3. Originally shipped to customer more than 24 months ago
    4. Design changes to product
    5. Shelf life concerns
    6. Special ordered or drop-shipped from NSPA supplier
  • If returned material is rejected, NSPA will either (per customer preference):
    1. Scrap the material
    2. Return to the customer (at customer expense)
  • Material returned for reasons other than NSPA errors will be subject to restock fee of up to 25% (invoiced product)
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